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Wilson Riles spoke these words as a reminder that the pursuit of educational excellence must be an ongoing process.

The sequence begins with highly set goals, followed by carefully made plans, well executed implementation strategies, and a precise evaluation of the results. As goals are reached, new ones must be established - and the cycle is repeated. Only then will students throughout the country continually journey to ever higher levels of achievement.

It is with this premise in mind that Riles established Wilson Riles and Associates, an educational consulting firm headquartered in Sacramento, California. Incorporated in 1983, the firm's mission is twofold:

Drawing on Riles' 40 years of active educational involvement - including experiences ranging from a one-room school teacher to superintendent of public instruction of the nation's most populated state - his organization provides expertise in the following areas:

School Board Superintendent Relationships

Working as a neutral party with elected school boards, Wilson Riles and Associates has been highly successful in unifying members on various issues. In addition, they have assisted in establishing amicable relationships between the staff and the community. Called "boardmanship," this methodology opens up lines of communication and facilitates policy-making.

Executive Searches

Utilizing a network of eminently skilled resources, Wilson Riles and Associates conducts the necessary research to fill a diversity of positions in the field of education - from superintendents of schools to university administrators to legal counsel for school districts.

Intercultural Relations

Recognizing the importance of creating a better intercultural understanding among our nation's diverse ethnic, racial, and socio-economic groups, the organization provides consulting in this sensitive area.

School Improvement Strategies

Addressing considerations such as early childhood education and year-round schooling, Wilson Riles and Associates works with all parties involved to move forward cohesively to attain desired goals. The organization provides the skilled objectivity necessary to present all facets of a proposed strategy in a clear light.

Public Speaking

Wilson Riles is available to speak to conferences and organizations on a variety of topics. He is inspirational, knowledgeable, and renowned.

Management Reviews

If a school is experiencing fiscal or personnel troubles - or simply requires more information on management issues - Wilson Riles and Associates will step in and provide the necessary reviews and consulatations to answer questions and resolve problems.

Corporate Services

On the corporate level, Wilson Riles and Associates offers advice on product development. In addition, the firm provides representation that will open doors to present the right proposal to the right people. The organization currently provides services to corporations specializing in the following areas:

Wilson Riles:The man behind the company

The founder and president of Wilson Riles and Associates, Wilson Riles began his educational career in 1940 as a teacher in a logging camp on the Apache Indian reservation in Northern Arizona. Progressing from this one-room schoolhouse, he went on to become the elected Superintendent of Public Instruction for the State of California in 1970. He was re-elected twice, and served in this capacity for twelve years.

As State Superintendent, he provided leadership in California's public school system during a period of unprecedented challenges to the nation's resources and programs. He was instrumental in the development of several programs geared to the educational needs of specific groups of children, and also helped create general programs designed to improve education for all students. As part of his duties he became active in higher education, serving as an ex-officio Regent of the University of California and a Trustee of the California State Universities and Colleges.

Working closely with the business community, he is currently a Director Emeritus of Wells Fargo Bank, and has served as a Director of Pacific Gas and Electric Company and the Foundation for Teaching Economics. He also served as a member of the Advisory Council for the Stanford Business School, Stanford University.

Riles achieved national recognition while in the role of State Superintendent. As a result, he was named President of the Council of Chief State School Officers, and served four presidents as an advisor on educational issues. He also served as a member of Nelson A. Rockefeller's Commission on Critical Choices for Americans. He received both his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts degrees from Northern Arizona University, and holds nine honorary doctorates from prestigious colleges and universities throughout the country. In addition, he has received numerous awards for public service and educational leadership.

The following is a partial list of clients for whom Wilson Riles and Associates has provided services:

A.G. Edwards (Missouri)
Alameda County Board of Education (California)
Bear Stearns (New York)
Boston Public Schools (Massachusetts)
Chaffey Community College District (California)
Chicago Public Schools (Illinois)
Compton Unified School District (California)
Coopers & Lybrand (California)
Delano Joint Union High School District (California)
Far West Laboratory (California)
Fukutake Publishing Company (Okayama, Japan)
Highland Park Independent School District (Texas)
Hughes Space & Communications Group (California)
KCET TV (California) Korn/Ferry International (California)
Lassen Community College District (California)
MetLife Resources (Colorado)
Monterey Peninsula Unified School District (California)
National Computer Systems (Iowa)
Norman Roberts & Associates, Inc. (California)
Oakland Unified School District (California)
Plano Independent School District (Texas)
Ravenwood City Elementary School District (California)
Redding Chamber of Commerce (California)
Richardson Independent School District (Texas)
Riverside Publishing Company (Illinois)
Sacramento City Unified School District (California)
Santa Maria-Bonita School District (California)
San Ysidro School District (California)
Shasta Community College District (California)
Stockton Unified School District (California)
West Covina Unifed School District (California)
WICAT Systems, Inc. (Utah)

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