Wilson Riles Archives and Institute for Education



The collection policy of the Wilson Riles Archives and Institute for Education (WRAIE) is to gather materials that document the history of California K-12 public education. WRAIE focuses largely, though not entirely, on educational policy and trends. It receives manuscript donations from educational policymakers, administrators, activists, organizations, and legislators. Its purpose is to enable Californians to become better acquainted with their educational legacy through personal research and WRAIE's outreach activities.


WRAIE is happy to serve researchers on an appointment basis. Researchers are advised to review WRAIE finding aids and speak with the archivist about their needs prior to their appointment. Some unprocessed material is available for research, at the discretion of the archivist.

WRAIE's collections are stored in an environmentally controlled, secure, commercial records storage facility. For this reason, WRAIE charges researchers use fees to reimburse the out-of-pocket expenses associated with meeting individual research needs. Researchers must pay $2.00 for every box pulled, and if necessary, a minimum $5.00 delivery charge. Standard document copies cost .20 @ page. Oversized documents and other media copies are priced according to vendor fees. Should a patron desire to copy a photograph, audio tape, video tape, or other media for which WRAIE does not have a copy negative or user copy, WRAIE requires that patron to pay for the production of a copy negative or user copy, which WRAIE will then keep. All fees are payable in advance.

For more information please email jwadley@wredu.com, or call (916) 448-0600.


Archival material housed in the Wilson Riles Archives and Institute for Education (WRAIE), is protected by copyright law. WRAIE makes this material available to researchers for personal, non-commercial use only. Researchers are responsible to seek permission from WRAIE, and other holders of copyright to WRAIE's collection, before exceeding the "fair use" clause of copyright law.


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